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Thai Wild Rice Coconut Chicken Soup
Nancy Judd, Alpine, UT

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Meat Lovers Bouillabaisse
Roxanne Chan, Albany, CA

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Cancun Crema Wild Rice Chowder
Sharyn LaPointe Hill, Las Cruces, NM

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Warm Wild Rice & Chicken Banh Mi Salad
Lisa Keys, Kennett Square, PA

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Vegan Maple Tahini Wild Rice Salad
Kayla Capper, Ojai, CA

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Wild Rice Spinach Radicchio Salad
Emily Falke, Santa Barbara, CA

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Wild Rice & Pork Salad Gribiche
Roxanne Chan, Albany, CA

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Wild Rice 'N Roasted Asparagus
Barb Estabrook, Appleton, WI

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Wild Rice Steak & Cheddar Pies
Veronica Callaghan, Glastonbury, CT

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Pork & Beef Wild Rice Hawaiian Sliders
Chera Little, Cedar Creek, TX

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Cinnamon Sugar Chips with
Wild Rice Cherry Salsa
Natalie Yarbrough, Minnetonka, MN

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Wild Rice & Pork Wontons
Chelsea Madren, Fullerton, CA

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