Wild Rice Multi Grain Bread

    4-5 cups all-purpose flour
    2 cups whole wheat flour
    1/2 cup rye flour
    1/2 cup uncooked rolled oats
    1 pkg dry yeast
    2 tsp salt
    1/3 cup water
    2 cups milk
    1/2 cup honey
    2 tbsp butter or margarine
    1 1/2 cups cooked wild rice
    1 egg, beaten with 1 tbsp water
    1/2 cup hulled sunflower seeds

In large bowl, combine 2 cups all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, rye flour, rolled oats, yeast and salt; mix well. In medium saucepan, heat water, milk, honey and butter until very warm (120°F to 130°F). Add warm liquid to flour mixture. Blend at low speed until moistened; beat 2 minutes at medium speed. Add wild rice. Cover and let rest 15 minutes. Stir in enough additional all-purpose flour to make a stiff dough. On floured surface, knead dough 10 minutes; add more flour as necessary to keep dough from sticking. Place in lightly greased bowl. turn over, cover and let rise until doubled, about 2 hours. Punch down. Knead briefly on lightly floured surface. Divide dough into thirds, shape into 3 strands; braid and place onto greased baking sheet to form a wreath. Let rise until doubled, about 45 minutes. Brush tops of loaves with egg mixture. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds. Bake at 375°F for 45 minutes or until bread sounds hollow when tapped.

Makes 2 loaves (9-1/2" x 5-1/2" pan) or 18 bread sticks (apx. 12" long).

Recipe compliments of the Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council

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