Wild Rice Sage Dressing

    YIELD: 16 cups
    PORTION: 7 oz

    OVEN: 325°F
    BAKE: 45-60 min

    8 oz butter or margarine
    10 oz chopped onion
    10 oz chopped celery
    8 cups cooked wild rice
    8 cups dried bread crumbs (stuffing mix croutons)
    1 qt chicken broth
    4 tsp ground sage
    2 tsp poultry seasoning
    2 tsp salt
    1 tsp pepper

In large skillet, melt butter. Add onion and celery; sauté 5 minutes or until slightly tender.

In large roasting pan or 1/2 steamer pan, combine remaining ingredients; mix well. Add sautéed vegetables; toss lightly to mix. Bake at 325°F 45-60 minutes in steam oven. (Or, bake covered in combi or convection oven at 325°F for 45-60 minutes.)

Note: For a crispier dressing, bake uncovered.

Recipe compliments of the Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council

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