Wild Rice Mock Crab Salad

    4 cups cooked wild rice, cooled
    1 head broccoli, cleaned and chopped into bite-sized pieces
    1 head cauliflower, cleaned and chopped into bite-sized pieces
    1 pkg. (8 oz) fully cooked mock crab or shrimp

    Dressing (whisk together; chill):
    3 cups Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
    1 jar (6-8 oz) sweet relish
    2 tsp lemon juice
    2 tbsp sugar
    salt and pepper to taste

In large bowl, combine first 4 ingredients. Add dressing; gently toss.

6 servings.

Wade Rennemo and his family live on Wild Rice Road in Lake of the Woods County near Baudette, Minnesota. Wade and his wife Tina have three children Logan 18, Lexie 16, and Hadyn 13.

Wade's father Wally and grandfather Ingvar began farming wild rice in the late 1960s in Waskish, MN, and are recognized as pioneers of Minnesota cultivated wild rice production. Following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, Wade grew up farming wild rice with his dad and his brother Ross.

Wade bought into the family farm in the mid-1990s when he purchased the 860 acre farm started by Wally Rennemo in 1980 in Lake of the Woods County. The farm is known today as Diamond Rice, Inc. Since that time, Wade has added acreage and currently farms about 1,750 acres.

The original farm, located near Waskish, is operated by Wade’s brother Ross.

Along with Wade's sons Logan and Hadyn, Wally, though retired, still helps out at the farm. In addition to wild rice, other crops raised by Diamond Rice, Inc. include soybeans and small grains.

Recipe compliments of the Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council

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